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We Are CrowdFunding in a Whole New Way. Each Supporter gets our Services for 30 Days. Small business, CrowdFunding, or promoting a project get #beNICEmedia on it. We would love to help, and you know what you help us as well. Win for all of us.

beNICEmedia would love to help you with your Marketing, and Social Media for your business.  Our company #beNICEmedia can help you gain brand awareness, build an audience, but most importantly new clients for your business. Marketing is changing. Your business has be engaging, networking and interacting where your clients are spending their time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever their favorite social media platform might be. We would love to help. Your contribution to our campaign will help in so many ways. I started beNICEmedia 6 months ago, with an idea, a dream, and a personal reflection of my strengths and weaknesses. I was a very successful mortgage loan officer for  over 17 years, and I was able to build my business with keeping an up to date, database, e-mail marketing, and a daily social media routine. These daily, weekly, and monthly tasks helped me build a consistent stream of business that earned income to take care of my family. But I was no longer in love with the mortgage business anymore. I was in love with making relationships, social media, and helping others. During my mortgage career my competitors were spending thousands of dollars on events, print ads, mail outs, TV, and Radio advertising looking for that next wave of business. There is a better way. I decided why not offer what I learned marketing my mortgage business as a service to other sales professionals and small businesses. So beNICEmedia was born. I have been very fortunate to work with several businesses on a monthly basis, and in a consulting role over the past several months.  What I have noticed is a lot of us are conditioned to do the same thing that worked years ago or what the person or business before us has done. The cost for Marketing via traditional mediums we thought worked no longer do, along with cost associated with it. Social Media Marketing, Database, and E-mail is the cheapest and biggest return for your dollar. beNICEmedia wants to help businesses change the way they attract, and keep customers. Social Media provides a direct daily connection with potential clients, but just like any relationship it takes time to build that trust. beNICEmedia provides that time needed to small business owners. By contributing to our campaign, you will help share the impact of social media networking, grow your business along with helping beNICEmedia continue to grow and expand. Let’s #beNICE to each other.

Mateo Garcia Shares His Experience On tsu So Far.

Coach Zero

Mateo Garcia is my child on tsu. When you invite someone to tsu and they enroll using your code, tsu refers to them as your child. Just to be clear, Mateo and I are not related (that I know of).

We originally met because of Twitter and then connected on Facebook and he told me he would join tsu and give it a try. When he enrolled a few days later I realized that he is a man of his word.

Ask yourself how many people you know that actually do what they say they are going to do. I was immediately impressed with him and then he started telling me about tools that I can use to make my online experience more profitable.

Today’s post is not about those tools. Today’s post is about what has been happening for Mateo since I invited him to tsu and he accepted…

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For Peterson, Sherman exchanges are “fun”

Peterson is not only a better player but just seems like a nicer guy.

Cardinals Blogs

Ever since the summer, it’s more than just media and fans that have gotten involved in the Patrick Peterson vs. Richard Sherman back-and-forth. So too have Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman, including this morning after it was known Peterson’s new contract is slightly better than the one Sherman signed earlier this year.

There have been times the tweets (or retweets of others) have been quite a jab. But Peterson said it’s simply fun — although he wouldn’t speak for Sherman.

“I don’t how he feels about it, but I think it’s fun, healthy competition,” Peterson said. “I’m having fun with it, sometimes it seems like he’s a little salty with it. I don’t have any problems with Richard. I don’t have any beef with him. I am having fun. I don’t know if he’s having fun. We have had our exchanges over the last month or so and obviously…

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In Home Loans, Subprime Fades as a Dirty Word –

Real Estate Blackboard

She had gone through a foreclosure after losing her job, and he was finishing his M.B.A. and had not yet found his current position. But they had managed to put together a down payment of more than $550,000, or three-quarters of the asking price for a four-bedroom house in Los Gatos, and thought they would find a bank willing to lend the rest. They didn’t.

So the Arroyos found an alternative: a subprime mortgage.

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