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Some Loan Officer Example Videos You Can Do For Your Business.

5 Reasons to Choose FHA Loans. Do your own videos today. Call us 480-386-2122

Loan Officers its easy to do videos about many topics. E-Mail us today benicemedia1@gmail.com


Stop wasting your Marketing dollars on Real Estate Agents and spend it on yourself. Think about all the money on free lunches, sponsoring Events, or hosting open houses for Real Estate Agents. What value do you put on your time? How many late night calls, or the weekend rush PQF’s ruined your weekend. Lets not forget about all the credit reports that you complete with no loans closing and your manager is asking you what’s up? There is a better way, and Social Media, and Database Marketing is the answer and truthfully the only way. Do you want to control the transaction? Work with borrowers and buyers who respect you and your time, and want to work with you because you are the expert? Your next loan is coming from a curious home buyer asking their friend on Facebook for your e-mail address because her Facebook friend just “checked in” at your office. Your next 1st time buyer loan is coming from a Youtube Search of “How to Buy My First Home” and this buyer noticed your video. The next investor loan you are working on was generated by your tweet with the #hashtag #realestateinvestingAZ, it was trending and that Real Estate Investor clicked your website link on your Twitter Profile. Your Social Media Fans, Followers, and Subscribers are you new Database, leverage these relationships. Stop working the old way and spend your time and money targeting where your next buyer or refinance customer is spending their time. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
Our company can show you how to be successful with Social Media and Database Management, and you no longer have to ask a Realtor for a loan again. We can show you simple steps and plans to implement a strategy or better yet take care of all of this for you. We would set up of profiles and or freshen up existing ones, use our strategies to gain new fans, followers and subscribers, along with creating and posting original content for your business. On top of all this we will also be monitoring engaging and reacting real time daily on all of your social media platforms. The objective is to be sending qualified leads to you via e-mail from your social media platforms. You have someone answer your phone right? Well you need some one answering on social as well. Additionally we will create a Social Media database to incorporate with your existing CRM or we can create one for you. E-mail today benicemedia1@gmail.com for some free Social Media Tips and Consultation, lets grow together.

Loan Officers are you doing videos for your clients and referral partners? Its easy

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