DIY Business Tools When You’re Broke!

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Hey there I hope all is good! I’m doing awesome in case you’re wondering ; ) What I love most about the internet and technology is there are so many free tools available to build your business. No longer is it required to spend money on an office space, phone system, accounting, business cards or hire your own marketing firm to launch a business. In today’s world anyone can launch a business or grow a business with no start up cost or budget. What is required is passion, time, effort and hard work. These are 7 free tools I use daily to grow my business on little to no budget.

1) Bufferapp

I’ve written about buffer before, but I cannot tell you how valuable buffer has been to growing my business via social media. Bufferapp is a social media scheduling application. We all get busy updating our social media posts or it’s just a bunch of random sales pitches hastily created. Buffer is an easy and simple way to schedule a few posts in advance for your social media pages. Take 15-30 minutes to create 10 social media posts. Mix the posts up with your own business content along with interesting, informational or entertaining content your audience will appreciate. Once you’re done schedule the posts to go out at the perfect time for your audience to see right within Buffer. Buffer App’s basic option is FREE to connect up to 4 social media profiles, schedule up to 10 posts in advance, and provides free analytics for social media posts. It’s easy to see what posts are getting link clicks and engagement.

Buffer also has an image sharing tool called Pablo along with a super cool GIF sharing tool. Create beautiful social media image posts for your profiles. ( A Future Blog Post)

2) Mailchimp

There are several database and newsletters options available I use Mailchimp because it’s free! Mailchimp’s FREE option allows an import of 2000 contacts in your “List”. List’s can be segmented into groups; prospects, previous customers or e-mail subscribers. Once you have a list create awesome newsletters, promotions or even birthday cards to e-mail to your list! When an e-mail campaign is created and sent out Mailchimp tracks your e-mail opens, link clicks, unsubscribes, and even keeps the e-mails in compliance with SPAM laws. Create your own subscribe form to add on your facebook page or an e-mail sign up on your website. These leads will import directly into your list in Mailchimp. All of this free for under 2000 contacts and if you send under 12,000 E-mails in a month.

3) Join Me Meeting

Join Me Meeting is a cool way to share your screen quickly with a sales prospect or even a co-worker. When it’s not possible to meet face to face to demonstrate a product or service and not enough time to set up a webinar, Join Me meeting is a great option. Go to to start a meeting instantly. A link is created that can be instantly shared with up to 8 people to join a meeting. All they have to do is click the link sent to them via e-mail and within moments your prospect or client can easily see your screen! This is a quick easy way to demonstrate your product or service without having to download a program or schedule a webinar. This can be done right on the phone while you are talking to a prospect. Join Me meeting does have paid options to have permanent meeting link and have more people join meetings!

4) Wunderlist




Wunderlist is an online to do list on steroids. Wunderlist is an easy and old fashioned way to keep organized daily with To Do Lists. Create a list for whatever you like. ¬†A Wunderlist “bucket list” chores for the kids, grocery lists, or hot prospects to follow up with! Our business creates a list for each client. This list includes tasks to be done daily, weekly and monthly on each of their social media profiles. We keep notes within the lists keeping track of content deadlines, networking opportunities, passwords and even content files for each client. Wunderlist To Do Lists can be shared with clients and co-workers. This is a great way to keep everyone in the loop on projects or assign certain tasks to team members to complete. The best part is the notification of accomplishment that Wunderlist makes when you check of a task on your list! “Ding”

5) Headtalker or Start a HeadTalker with beNICEmedia

Do you wanna go viral? HeadTalker is a free application to help make your message go viral! HeadTalker shares 1 message with unlimited people at once for free. Create a campaign on HeadTalker and get others to support the campaign. Once supported instead of 1 social media post on your page, hundreds or even thousands are sharing your social media post across multiple platforms. This is a great application for launching a product or crowdfunding campaign. Create a HeadTalker for anything! Start one today and we will help support!

6) Crowdfire

This is a great application to build a targeted Twitter and Instagram following. Sign into Crowdfire with Twitter or Instagram. Once signed in Crowdfire identifies who your Twitter and Instagram followers are. Are you following someone who has not tweeted in months? Crowdfire will find out who and if you choose you can unfollow them. Are you a local business and want to connect with Twitter users in your area? Crowdfire allows you to copy followers of other Twitter accounts. If the local news station has 50K Twitter followers it’s likely a majority of these followers live in the area. These people may buy your product or service if they knew about you. Crowdfire will show you which ones do live in your area, and go for it follow them, they might follow you back. The basic Crowdfire service is free, the app will occasionally tweet out Twitter stats via @crowdfire. Crowdfire paid options will not do this.

7) Paypal for Business
(Kinda Not Free)

Starting a business bank account can be tough especially when you do not have any income yet, money in the bank or even customers. Typically to open a business bank account there are minimum deposit amounts, balance minimums and let’s not forget about monthly fees regardless if the account has money in it or not! Paypal allows you to start receiving and using your funds right away. Easily create invoices with your logo and contact information to e-mail to clients. Clients can pay you via check or immediately via Paypal or credit card. Get a PayPal button on your website to receive payments. Is the client 30 days past due easily e-mail a reminder. Review your income for the month track expenses all online for free. Paypal even has a business debit MasterCard and credit line options for qualified accounts. Easily link your current checking or savings account to receive Paypal funds. Creating invoices, tracking expenses and using your money in your PayPal account is free. What is not free is receiving funds electronically via Paypal when a client pays by credit card. If a client pays you via credit card PayPal does receive a percentage of the payment you received. This varies on the amount of payment. Please review all Paypal information online for your own education. Regardless of the fees associated with receiving credit card payments the service is a good value and convenience. As your business grows there are numerous banking options but PayPal does let you start with nothing!

Are you ready to start growing your business without spending any money? Or get that at home business started? There are hundreds of free tools to increase sales and grow your business. These are some that I use. Which ones are your favorite? What tools and applications do you use? I would really love to hear from you.

If I can help you with any questions or you are interested in getting started with Social Media Marketing let’s chat! Have a wonderful week! Let’s Chat!¬†

Mateo Garcia

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Optimize Your Personal Facebook Page

Be Sure to Link up your personal Facebook Page with your Business Facebook Page, Join Groups and Add your Website Links to your Personal Page.


Content Marketing Tips

Hi there it’s me Mateo how are you doing today? Just want to give a few tips on content marketing for social media. The world of marketing and advertising is changing. It’s no longer as simple as running a TV, Radio or Newspaper ad or even paying the search engines for keywords to get leads for¬†our business. The world of Social Media¬†where and why consumers choose a product or service has changed. The internet has given the power to the consumer to research products and services very simply on their own. Social Media provides a direct connection between company and consumer. Unhappy with a product or service, tweet at the company or leave a Facebook Comment it will get noticed. Happy with a product or service brag about it on your Social Media profile it will get noticed. The smart phone and Social Media applications is now the key to our next customer relationship.¬†Our customers have Social Media applications on the home screen of their smart phone, not¬†our business website or phone number. We have to¬†be active on¬†these social¬†platforms because that is¬†where our next client is hanging out, spending time and getting information.¬†¬†If you are like me I¬†comment, like or share content¬†I find entertaining, interesting, inspiring or educational. Creating content that fits within these parameters is the key to success marketing on Social Media. Creating the right content mix will insure that when¬†our audience is looking to make their next purchase or choose a service¬†our business is top of mind. Here are a different content formatting tips via¬†Hubspot¬†we can include in¬†our social media strategy.¬†

Don’t get overwhelmed with having to do all of these. Choose the best content format that¬†will most benefit¬†the Target Audience and easiest to implement. Let’s¬†try to put ourselves in a position of a potential client when¬†we are on Facebook or our favorite social media platform. When creating a post¬†for business let’s ask,¬†Would I click on this? Would I like this? Would I share this? Is this interesting?
Social Media Marketing is not about pushing every single link or website¬† promoting our business in front of a consumer. Social Media marketing is about creating micro content that would fit into the entertainment, interesting, informational, educational or inspire category. It’s ok to brag about accomplishments every once in a while. Some of our audience wants that, but do we really like someone who talks about themselves all the time and how great they are?¬†Once a decision has been made on what content formatting is best¬†do the following.
1) Identify target audience
2) Map out a clear strategy
3) Create Content
4) Optimize  content for each social media platform. (A post will look different on all platforms.)
Every post is not going to be perfect, but if there is a meaning and purpose behind each social media post it will improve results. Networking and marketing on Social Media is not¬†going away anytime soon, let’s embrace it.
I hope these tips are helpful, if I can ever help  in anyway it would be my pleasure. 

Mateo Garcia

Marketing Tips for 2015

How was your first week of 2015. Do you have some of these tips in your plan for this year?


5 Social Media Tips You Can Do Today

5 quick tips image

5 Social Media Tips You Can Do Today!

¬†Hi. How are you doing today? Social Media can get overwhelming at times, but¬†does not have to be. We all know it’s important to be on social media, but how can you make it work for our¬†business. Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement today that will increase your presence on your social media pages.
1) ¬† ¬†Schedule your posts. It is¬†hard to stay up to date with posting content on your social media pages. Facebook has a schedule post option right on your business page. This is a great way to have a few relevant posts on your social media pages consistently, so you don’t go days or weeks without an update. There are also some great applications that you can use to schedule and post updates across several social media pages. Such as HootSuite or Buffer App which I use.¬†These tools are simple and typically free to use.¬†
2)    Check in on Facebook. If your business is listed as a place or local business on Facebook, you can check in at your business. This check in shows up on your personal Facebook page. What a great way to show your social media audience what you do for a living without marketing to them or pushing your services in their newsfeed. Encourage your employees and co-workers to do the same. It does not have to be every day, but its a quick simple way to advertise your business without advertising. You can even ask your customers to do this as well. Offer them something of small value to check in at your business. When they check in, their friends and family will see the check in on their newsfeed and who knows ask about your business. This is a subtle way of letting others market your business for you.

3)   Like and comment. If you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter make a point to like a few posts, and make a comment each day. You will be surprised just by doing this you will start seeing some increased engagement on your social pages. If you are on Facebook go ahead and like or make a comment on a post of interest or someone you are wanting to connect with. If you are on LinkedIn and you see a great article post or someone changed jobs, say congrats or like the post. This will show others on social media that you are active and interested in what they are doing. Most people will notice and return the favor and take a look at your post next time. The more engagement on your post the more likely someone else will find it interesting and know about your business.

4)    Create an e-mail sign up tab on your Facebook page. On Facebook there are many e-mail applications that you can use.  You can build a list using these applications.  If you have important information or specials you want to share create a join our list tab on your Facebook Page. I use mail chimp but there are others such as constant contact. Just search e-mail applications on Facebook. Once you have an e-mail tab you will be able to capture the e-mail address and upload into your contacts. This is a simple way to stay in touch with customers who have already showed an interest in your business.
5)    Share images/pictures on your social media pages rather than just a link or text.  Typically when we share a link on our social media pages the image associated with the link comes up on your social media page. You can make this image bigger by saving the image related to the link then uploading the image as a post then just add the link above the image to share. You can also upload your own custom image to associate with the link rather than use the image in the content of the link you are sharing. Posts with images get more likes, comments and shares. Next time you are about to share on your social media pages see if there is an image you can upload along with the post.
 I hope you found these 5 quick tips helpful. If you have a tip to share, or have any questions I would love to hear them.   Make it a great day and remember to #beNICE to each other. Send me a Tweet.


Content for Social Media

We all struggle with what content to post. Remember to post content that others may find interesting. We all love our business, but we need to give others a reason to love our business also. #engage #create #content #like #follow #comment. 

Twitter is for Real

twittertwitter icon 1

Hi there. How’s it going? As I have been speaking with businesses and sales professionals about social media and all the different platforms, I’ve come to find out that Twitter is one of the most misunderstood and avoided social media avenues out there.¬† I’ve heard things such as “people on Twitter are fake, there are not any real people on Twitter, my business works with adults not kids.” There have been others who do not even take me seriously anytime Twitter is mentioned for business and have told me to leave. I get it, I understand. Anything that is different is avoided and doing what you have always done is easier. It’s just hard to ignore the facts regarding Twitter as a Social Media Platform. With 271 million monthly active users, 500 million Tweets are sent per day, and 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile. You personally may not be on Twitter, or your business, but your customers are. They are using Twitter daily with the device we all carry around every day, our mobile phones. As a business we are looking for a way to get more business, build lifelong relationships, and find the best way to be noticed. Believe it or not Twitter can do this for your business on a local level, and identify customers who may be looking for your product or service.¬† Here are 5¬†tips that you can begin using immediately to start building your Twitter Account and stop ignoring this as a real way to connect with potential clients and build your business.

1) ¬† ¬† First of all if you don’t have an account, sign up. Spend some time completing your profile, add information about your business, and include your picture. No one follows an Egg on Twitter.

2)     Follow others. Twitter requires you to follow a few accounts to begin. Do this, once you do you will start getting a few followers as well.

3)     Twitter has a search option just like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Search some keywords related to your business. If you are here in Arizona, like I am, try Arizona, Tempe, Phoenix or whatever your local market may be.  Once you do this you will see Tweets, and people who have mentioned the search item either in their profile or a tweet they sent. Check out the tweets, look at their profile, is this someone you may want to follow? If so, go for it. Most likely they will check out your profile and follow back. 

4) ¬† ¬† Send some Tweets. Twitter limits each tweet to 140 characters. It’s not like Facebook, LinkedIN, or Google + where you can write a novel and the entire post shows up on your page. You can include images or links that can be clicked where the user can see your entire message or more information about your business. If your business is focusing on a particular area, product or service be sure to include a keyword relating to that product or service in your Tweet. When you do this, other Twitter users can find you and know your tweets relate to something they may be interested in as well. They may even follow you back.

5) ¬† ¬†¬†Invest some time. Even if it’s a few minutes a day on Twitter, this is a great way to learn how it works and see what other businesses are doing with their Twitter Account. Follow these businesses. Duplicate what they are doing.¬† Every major brand and business you can think of is on Twitter. Follow what they are doing, you can use Twitter to build your brand and audience on a local level with real people.

This is just a brief start to using Twitter, but if you are on other social media platforms, Twitter needs to be included. There are endless opportunities to grow your network on Twitter. ReTweet others, respond directly via @ a follower, or with a direct message. Create a #hashtag related to your business. Twitter lets you create lists of your favorite accounts you are following, or even better a list of leads just like your e-mail list or database. Find local customers in your area already tweeting and discussing the product or service you offer. Making relationships with other professionals across the country and build a referral network. Twitter has millions of users that may be your next client or buyer of your product. Why ignore these people? 

If you are interested in learning more and adding Twitter as a real avenue to build relationships, engage with your clients and grow your business. Contact me or better yet send me a Tweet @mateomedia