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We all struggle with what content to post. Remember to post content that others may find interesting. We all love our business, but we need to give others a reason to love our business also. #engage #create #content #like #follow #comment. 

Social Media is about being Social, Engaging and Responding

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Hey everyone how’s it going today? Today’s social media tip is about including your social media badges or logos on your marketing. You know what I’m talking about right? Those icons you have on your website e-mail and print advertising. The cool Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube logo that you want proudly displayed. Since I’m all about social media every time I see a social media icon of a company I may have the opportunity to do business with I go visit their social pages. I want to see what they are all about and who their audience is. When these logos are included on your marketing material, you are telling your customers “hey check us out, cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube”. When including these badges in advertising material be sure the profile is complete on the social media platforms. It surprises me how often a business, product or service includes a social media logo in their advertising and when you go to the social media page it’s either nonexistent or partially complete.

Let’s say you decide to mail out a post card in your area promoting a sale or special Event. If the post card includes a small image of a YouTube logo your business better have a YouTube channel. If you do not have a YouTube channel with a complete profile and a couple videos do not put the YouTube logo on your advertising. The same goes for all of your social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter whatever social site it may be. Only use the badge or logo if you are actually active on the social media platform. If you have a link in your e-mail or website with a Facebook logo and someone clicks on that logo they expect to see a complete professional looking business page. This does not mean your page needs to have a bunch of likes or followers. Your page profile needs to be complete, include information about yourself, product and business. Also be sure your page has some recent content posts. The same rule applies for all of your social media profiles and pages. It’s very important to include the social media logos in your marketing; just take the extra step to have the profile page complete that corresponds to the social media icon or logo.

Why is this important?
Do you have a phone number? Would you give someone your phone number if you did not have either yourself or a member of your staff available to answer? At the very least your voicemail would pick up. Do you have a website? The same applies. You would only include the web address in your marketing if it is functional and provides information about your product, business or service. When you give your e-mail address you know that you will be able to respond, and that your e-mail is working to receive e-mails. This may sound simple, but your social media pages need to be treated the same way. Your business, product, or service has to respond to your fans, followers, and subscribers.

The first step before beginning to include social media logos in your advertising is to be sure that you are social. Take the time to complete each social media profile. Start one at a time with Facebook for example, schedule the time out of your day and complete the entire profile, review 2-3 times if you have to. Take a peek at some other Facebook profiles that are in a similar industry for some guidance. Don’t worry about being a Facebook pro just complete all profile sections, upload a picture and google a few industry related articles to post for content. Tell the story of yourself and your business. Once you have a complete Facebook Profile, then go ahead and include in your marketing material, e-mail, website, etc. Then block out some time and move on to Twitter and so on. Before you know it all your social profiles will be complete. The next time a future, current, or past client clicks on your social badges, they will know that you are social with social media.

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I need to fill my Buffer


I need to fill my BUFFER

BufferApp is a great social media tool that offers automated updates, analytics and even content for your social media pages. The free version offered is wonderful for a beginner on social media. The business and awesome upgrades are amazing as well but don’t worry about these options for now. The free version is all you will need to begin. This App is the first step to being noticed and consistent on social media. BufferApp is a time saver and an easy way to be sure you are always providing valuable information to your Fans and Followers.

This is how BufferApp works, instead of going to each of your social media profiles to post an update or share a story you can spend a few minutes a couple times a week loading your buffer that will automatically post for you. Go to and sign up. Once you sign up you can connect up to 4 social media pages. BufferApp allows you to load up to 10 posts to share on your social media profiles for free. This application allows you to sign into each of your social media pages to post content all at once instead of each individual social media profile. The BufferApp free version can post up to 10 items that you can schedule throughout the day or week to post. This application will be updating your social media profiles even when you do not have the time to do so.

I do not recommend just using BufferApp for your social media updates only. On Social Media you cannot just post some content automatically with BufferApp and assume all of a sudden you are popular online. You need to mix in updates on your own along with sharing any relevant stories or information you see daily that you want to share with your fans and followers. BufferApp is a great tool to begin building your social media following.

Let’s say you load your buffer with 10 posts, and set up 4 posts a day there will be content being shared for at least  2 ½ days on your social media pages. When you are away from social for a day or two BufferApp will still be posting this is very valuable.  Social Media is evolving and everyday there is a new adventure. It may be a new product or service that you need to share, or a fan comment that turns into a sale. A part of your daily marketing activities needs to be monitoring your social media pages for opportunities. BufferApp will be sure that you have content being shared, but you need to create, engage, and respond. This tool can help your business product or service be successful online, but you need to remember that with social media marketing there will never be an app that will replace the personal connection you can give your customers. An app will not replace the hard work, passion and value you add to your clients. BufferApp is an amazing tool that will show you the way to be respected, relevant, and trusted on Social Media.

Create + Engage + Respond = Sales.
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Simple Tip to Add New Contacts


Do you have some great marketing content or a great product but know one to market too? Do you have CRM and campaigns ready to go but no e-mail addresses? Before you spend money on buying a list or start e-mailing random strangers that don’t know you look in your existing e-mail inbox and contacts. This can be gmail, outlook, hotmail, or track down that password for your AOL account. There are many friends, family, previous clients or former co-workers that have already e-mailed you, know you, and most importantly you already have their e-mail address. If you are starting a new business or selling a great product you can begin building your database with these contacts. You may be thinking I don’t want to start spamming these people or send them unsolicited e-mails. I’m not asking you to do that. If these are contacts that you already know, and you have received an e-mail from them or they have sent an e-mail to you then there is at least some minimal or basic trust with the sender of the e-mail, you.
I would recommend sending an introductory e-mail to these contacts first to ask for permission to include in your database and e-mail campaign. I would start the e-mail with something simple like the example below.

“Hi there how are you doing? I hope things are going well. I want to let you know that I recently started a career ____selling homeowners insurance___would you mind if I occasionally e-mailed you some tips on ways to save on your energy bill, or some great recipes we found on Pinterest? Thanks again for taking the time to read this e-mail. If I can help you or anyone you know now or in the future it would be my pleasure. Have a wonderful day.”

If you send just an introductory e-mail before you start including these contacts on an e-mail campaign, and just be straight and to the point most of the contacts will not reply. If they didn’t reply then they didn’t say no. If you get any responses no, then at least they should be nice about it, because you asked permission. They will still see you as a professional and at the very least they know what you do now even if they did not want to receive your e-mails.
Adding existing contacts that are already in your e-mail address book, or inbox is a great first step to building a database and e-mail campaign for your business. Be sure to do what you promised do not send sales pitch material each month. It’s perfectly fine to include your business contact information, but be sure you e-mail content that is interesting, and helpful.
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