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Simple Tip to Add New Contacts


Do you have some great marketing content or a great product but know one to market too? Do you have CRM and campaigns ready to go but no e-mail addresses? Before you spend money on buying a list or start e-mailing random strangers that don’t know you look in your existing e-mail inbox and contacts. This can be gmail, outlook, hotmail, or track down that password for your AOL account. There are many friends, family, previous clients or former co-workers that have already e-mailed you, know you, and most importantly you already have their e-mail address. If you are starting a new business or selling a great product you can begin building your database with these contacts. You may be thinking I don’t want to start spamming these people or send them unsolicited e-mails. I’m not asking you to do that. If these are contacts that you already know, and you have received an e-mail from them or they have sent an e-mail to you then there is at least some minimal or basic trust with the sender of the e-mail, you.
I would recommend sending an introductory e-mail to these contacts first to ask for permission to include in your database and e-mail campaign. I would start the e-mail with something simple like the example below.

“Hi there how are you doing? I hope things are going well. I want to let you know that I recently started a career ____selling homeowners insurance___would you mind if I occasionally e-mailed you some tips on ways to save on your energy bill, or some great recipes we found on Pinterest? Thanks again for taking the time to read this e-mail. If I can help you or anyone you know now or in the future it would be my pleasure. Have a wonderful day.”

If you send just an introductory e-mail before you start including these contacts on an e-mail campaign, and just be straight and to the point most of the contacts will not reply. If they didn’t reply then they didn’t say no. If you get any responses no, then at least they should be nice about it, because you asked permission. They will still see you as a professional and at the very least they know what you do now even if they did not want to receive your e-mails.
Adding existing contacts that are already in your e-mail address book, or inbox is a great first step to building a database and e-mail campaign for your business. Be sure to do what you promised do not send sales pitch material each month. It’s perfectly fine to include your business contact information, but be sure you e-mail content that is interesting, and helpful.
If you have any questions about building your database or how to get started with Social Media and Database Marketing e-mail us at benicemedia1@gmail.com or please leave a comment below.